A Trip to Kinmen Island

Kinmen: Picture of a row of red lanterns.

A row of Lanterns on Kinmen Island.

A few weeks ago, my mom made the long flight to Hong Kong to visit Katie and me. After spending a couple days around our home, the three of us went on a trip. Our first stop was Kinmen Island, which sits close to the Chinese mainland and is controlled by Taiwan. We had quite a whirlwind day to get there: local bus, subway 1, subway 2, Hong Kong customs and immigration, Chinese customs and immigration, high-speed train to Xiamen, bus across Xiamen Island, Chinese customs and immigration, ferry to Kinmen, Taiwanese customs and immigration, van to our hotel. And we still arrived before dinner!

We were exhausted, but excited to explore. That night we checked out the main town on foot. The following day the three of us rented electric scooters and drove them all over the island. It was a fascinating place, rich with history. The vibe was very laid back and the people were quite friendly.

Here are a few photos from Kinmen Island:

Kinmen: Picture of village.

Shuitou village.

Kinmen: Picture of bed and breakfast.

Our Bed and Breakfast.

Kinmen: Picture of lantern and motorcycle in Shuitou.

Lantern and motorcycle.

Kinmen: Picture of Katie in Shuitou.

Yummy baked goods.

Picture of Jincheng temple.

A temple in Jincheng.

Picture of the main temple in Jincheng.

The main temple of Jincheng.

Picture of gateway.

The gateway to shopping.

Picture of a painting of the battle of Kinmen Island.

The battle of Kinmen.

Picture of beach from the battle of Kinmen.

The actual battle site.

Kinmen: Picture of Jinmen phone booth.

The phone booths have the Chinese characters for Jinmen.

Picture of pond and walkway.

While riding our electric scooters, we found this pond and zigzagging walkway.

Kinmen: Picture of Katie in front of dragon boats.

Katie, wearing her electric scooter helmet, in front of some dragon boats we found.

Picture of Dan and Mom in front of temple.

Me with my mom in front of a temple.

Kinmen: Picture of Zhaishan Tunnel.

The Taiwanese military dynamited the Zhaishan Tunnel as a hideout for the navy.

Kinmen: Silhouette of walking through the Zhaishan tunnel toward the sea.

Walking through the Zhaishan tunnel toward the sea.

Picture of Dan walking over the Zhaishan tunnel.

Walking over the Zhaishan tunnel.

Picture of Zhaishan tunnel entrance.

The entrance to the Zhaishan tunnel.

Picture of Katie at Zhaishan tunnel.

Katie is having fun at the tunnel.

Picture of Katie holding a drink in a temple.

Drinks on!

Picture of lake.

The only natural lake on Kinmen Island.

More Kinmen photos

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