Tulou Country

Picture of Katie and Mom at Tianluokeng.

Katie and my mom at the Tianluokeng tulou cluster.

For our last stop on our trip to China, Katie, my mom, and I visited the Hakka tulou region of Fujian province. Tulou (土楼, literally “earthen building”) are the “castles” of the region, fortified to prevent invasion. They were built as either circles or rectangles, and they contain large central courtyards, with housing for up to 800 people.

This was our favorite destination of our trip. The region has beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and an interesting history. Here are a few of my photos. What do you think?

Picture of mom in front of tulou home.

My mom at our bed and breakfast, the Fuyulou Changdi Inn. We were staying on the top floor.

Picture of papaya tree.

A papaya tree in the village.

Picture of mom and Dan getting dressed up in traditional clothes.

Getting all dressed up.

Picture of man fishing in front of tulou building.

Goin’ fishin’.

Picture of temple gateway.

The gateway to a temple.

Picture of pond in front of temple.

A pond in front of the local temple.

Picture of river, village, and fields.

Main street in the village.

Picture of round house.

One of the round buildings.

Picture of rice wine jars.

Jars of local rice wine.

Picture of Mom and Katie in the tulou village.

Mom and Katie.

Picture of people outside of tulou.

Heading home.

Picture of drying bamboo shoots.

We thought this was fish, but it turned out to be bamboo shoots, laid out to dry.

Picture of sunset on the river, with tulou building.

Sunset on the river.

Picture of Square houses in a round village.

Square houses in a round village.

Picture of hoe.

Hoeing the fields at sunset.

Picture of fireworks girl.

This girl nearly burned down the house with some fireworks she found.

Picture of red lanterns in a Chinese guesthouse.

Our guesthouse was decorated with many, many lanterns.

Picture of Tianluokeng tulou cluster.

This is the Tianluokeng tulou cluster. The buildings represent the five elements of ancient Chinese philosophy (metal, wood, water, fire, earth).

Picture of bamboo forest.

A walk through a bamboo forest.

Picture of man laying out bamboo shoots.

This guy is laying out bamboo shoots and vegetables to dry.

Picture of Katie, low-angle.


Picture of tulou from the inside.

Inside a tulou.

Picture of inside a tulou.

Dozens of families can live inside one of these buildings.

Picture of tulou from the outside.

Outside of the tulou.

Picture of dried loose tea with Chinese sign.

Local wild tea for sale.

Picture of rice fields.

Rice fields.

Picture of piano in a tulou.

The Yuchang tulou is upwards of 1700 years old. They were rolling out a piano for a show that night.

Picture of Deyuan Ancestral Temple.

Outside of the Deyuan Ancestral Temple.

Picture of inside of the Deyuan Ancestral Temple.

Inside the temple.

Picture of Deyuan Ancestral Temple from above.

Above the temple.

Picture of King of tulou.

Inside the King of Tulou, the largest of all earthen buildings.

Picture of King of tulou.

Walking the outer ring of the King of Tulou.

Picture of King of Tulou.

Click here for more of my photos from the area.

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