I spent nearly three weeks on the Galápagos, where Darwin formulated his Theory of Evolution.

Galapagos Edumacation

September 21, 2007
Day 723

As laid back as I thought Puerto Ayora was, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno was even more so. The capital of the Galapagos province of Ecuador was among the first places to be colonized in the mid-1800's, and to this day it remains small and more geared toward fishing than tourism.… Read More »

What the Pacific Ocean and the Guyanese Jungle Have in Common

September 20, 2007
Day 722

Besides going on a Galapagos cruise, tourists also have the option of visiting some of the islands independently. I wasn't quite ready to fly back to the mainland yet, so I opted to check out San Cristobal Island, which is the provincial capital of the Galapagos.

The lack of… Read More »

Keeping George Company

September 19, 2007
Day 721

Daniela had to fly back to the mainland this morning. I really appreciated seeing her again, and I think her visit went quite well. We saw an unreal amount of stuff in a short amount of time.

Actually, packing so much action into just a few days left me… Read More »

Kayaking Around the Bay

September 18, 2007
Day 720
Galapagos Cruise Day 4.1

This morning, Wilmer led us on a tour of the Charles Darwin Research Center, which is the main place on the Galapagos for the rehabilitation of the giant land tortoises from which the islands received their name. We were in a major hurry because… Read More »

Under the Sea Is Where I Want To Be

September 17, 2007
Day 719
Galapagos Cruise Day 4

We got to Floreana Island early in the morning once again, and our first stop was to a place called Puerto Cormorant. We had another guided walk around the shore, and we learned that this island was quite swampy compared with… Read More »

Green with Envy

September 16, 2007
Day 718
Galapagos Cruise Day 3

We made it to Espanola Island at about 5:00 AM, and finally the engines were cut off and we stopped rocking so violently. I managed to get a couple hours of good sleep before our wakeup call for breakfast. Most of the other passengers… Read More »

10,000 Deadly Animals Under the Sea

September 15, 2007
Day 717
Galapagos Cruise Day 2

Luckily for us, we didn't have to go very far to reach our first stopping point today, so we remained anchored in the calm bay most of the night. At 5:00 AM, however, the noisy engine started up, we started rocking our way toward… Read More »

Aboard the Friend Ship

September 14, 2007
Day 716
Galapagos Cruise Day 1

To begin our cruise, Daniela and I had to go yet again back to the airport in Baltra. The itineraries for the cruises are laid out with the assumption that passengers will fly in, do their cruise, and fly out without doing anything independently.… Read More »

A Brazilian Reunion

September 13, 2007
Day 715

I went to the airport early today to meet Daniela when her flight arrived from Guayaquil. She has been doing well since I last saw her, having gone to Spain, France, and Turkey a few months ago. She told me she was thinking of going back to Spain for… Read More »

Finalizing Our Cruise

September 12, 2007
Day 714

My cruise decision was made easier for me this morning. I went to book a four-day cruise, but was told that it was no longer available, but a five day cruise for the same price on a lower class of boat suddenly was. The cruise went to different islands,… Read More »