My sessions of answering your questions.

Questions Answered Part VI

Thanks James and Michele for your questions. I'll answer them as best I can.

1. Where are you heading to after South America?

Here are my plans for the near future, in brief:
After Brazil, I plan to ride the "death train" across the pantanal and into Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I know… Read More »

Post Questions Here

It's time for another Questions Answered session. Anyone who wants to ask me questions about my trip can post them here. I'll collect the questions and answer them in a week or two.

Questions Answered, Part V

1. What one thing you wish you had brought from US?

When I first started my trip, I wished I had brought some warm clothes. I figured Peru was near the equator, so it would be hot all the time there. I didn't even bring a long sleeved shirt. That plan backfired bigtime. Most of… Read More »

Questions Answered, Part IV

1. How wealthy is Chile compared to other countries, such as the USA?

Chile is not as wealthy as the USA, but it is still pretty well off. People can afford things like cable TV, cars, and eating at McDonald's. None of these were true in Bolivia. The TV's that did exist there were usually… Read More »

Questions Answered, Part III


1. What do most local people do for a living?

It seems that three out of every four people are entrepreneurs. Some have restaurants, others have general stores, still others have Internet cafes. I even met one lady who wanted to make some extra money, so she set up a grill at the door… Read More »

Questions Answered, Part II

A few weeks ago, I answered some of the questions you had asked me about my travels. Several people told me that they enjoyed it, so I decided to put together part two of "Questions Answered." Here goes:


1. Why are you still in Bolivia? Aren't you worried about the elections and the riots… Read More »

Questions Answered

About a week ago, Rohit asked some interesting questions. I don't think everyone will see the answers if I responded by commenting, so I'll create an entry just for the answers.

1) what people(hostel and places you visit) think of US of A?
Generally, most of the travelers I have met don't have a… Read More »