My travels through Argentina.

Return to Iguazu

April 3, 2007
Day 552

It had been nearly a year since I last went to Iguazu Falls, but the flashbacks began as soon as I left the hotel with my mom and dad this morning. The bus station, the ride past the five-star resorts on the way to the park, all of the… Read More »

A Parental Reunion

April 2, 2007
Day 551

I got up early this morning to meet my parents at the Rio de Janeiro airport. Based on how long it took to get here the other day, I figured the bus ride would take an hour, plus I had to allow another hour for the bus to come… Read More »

Iguazú Falls

April 30, 2006
Day 214

For your reference, a map to the park can be found here.

I caught the first bus I could to Iguazú Falls National Park in Argentina this morning. It was easy because my hostel was only one block from the bus station, and the park was… Read More »

Wood Musuem

April 29, 2006
Day 213

I arrived in Puerto Iguazu early this morning, exhausted after being in a bus for so long. The seat I was in barely reclined, so it was almost impossible for me to sleep. Passing the time was tough, too, because the movies they played sucked. I couldn't really watch… Read More »

Long Bus Ride

April 28, 2006
Day 212

There wasn't much time to do anything today as I had a 19-hour bus ride ahead of me. I said goodbye to Kathleen, bought a few snacks for the ride, and walked to the bus station. Spending almost an entire day on a bus sucks, but the distances here… Read More »

I Have A Visa!

April 27, 2006
Day 211

I had to go back to the Paraguayan consulate three times today. The first time, I learned that my visa application had been accepted and I paid my fee. I was told to come back in an hour to pick up my passport, which I did, but it still… Read More »

Paraguay Might Work

April 26, 2006
Day 210

With thoughts of Brazil way behind me, I began to focus my efforts on Paraguay today. The consulate had a huge line again just like yesterday. This time, I went to the front where a police officer was directing people who were trying to enter. Eventually, I was able… Read More »

Next Country: Paraguay

April 25, 2006
Day 209

The first order of the day for me was to make one last attempt at obtaining a Brazilian visa. I went back to the consulate when they opened at 10:00 and stood in a long line, patiently awaiting my chance to explain myself. When I got to the front… Read More »

I'm Not Welcome In Brazil

April 24, 2006
Day 208

As soon as I got up this morning, I called the Brazilian embassy to ask about buying a visa. I got a recording that said they were only open from 2-5, so I had to wait a few hours. At 2:00, I walked to the embassy, but was told… Read More »

Late Nights In Buenos Aires

April 23, 2006
Day 207

The party last night was late, but not very significant otherwise. It was pretty funny when people kept asking me how long I've been in Buenos Aires and I would say, "2 hours." Before I knew it, it was 8:00 and time for me to get to sleep, but… Read More »