Free Boat To Guayara

June 5-6, 2006
Day 250-251

The next Bolivian town after Remanso that had road access was Guayaramerin, and our canoing only got us about one-third of the way there. Rather than paddle another three weeks, we decided to take the free boat there. The two-day trip was a great time to play chess and poker with Craig and the Frenchman, catch up on my blog, and reflect on our adventure.

Along the way, we stopped at several small Brazilian towns, all of which were very nice. It made me exited to see Brazil for real in the future. I'm going to have to learn some Portuguese, though.

We got to Guayara (on the Brazilian side) on the night of the 6th, but we opted to stay one more night on the boat since we weren't going to get much further and none of us had any reais anyway. Tomorrow we'll go to Riberalta, the first city I will have seen since Santa Cruz over a month ago.

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