Hiking on the Great Wall

Picture of Katie and Dan.

Katie and I at the wall.

The Great Wall is a highlight of any visit to China. What a lot of people don't know is that the wall doesn't exist in one continuous stretch. Instead, the Great Wall has many sections, some totally restored, others original. In many sections, you can walk for hours without seeing anyone. You can even camp on the wall. Beijing (my current home) is less than two hours from the wall, so I've had many chances to go, to different sections and in different seasons.

Picture of wall.

The Jiankou section.

Picture of wall.

Parts of the wall are crumbling.

Picture of down climb.

Some of the down-climbs are dodgy.

Picture of tower.

One of the famous guard towers.

Picture of people on wall.

Hiking the Jiankou section.

Picture of wall.

The wall tends to follow the top of hills and mountain passes.

Picture of Katie.

Katie is making her way down an unrestored section.

Picture of actual wall.

Humpty Dumpty.

Picture of wall.

The scenery is spectacular.

Picture of hills.

A particularly hilly section.

Picture of group.

On another weekend, we went to a different section.

Picture of wall.

Our goal is to get somewhere back there.

Picture of tower.

A really nice guard tower.

Picture of side of wall.

From a tower overlooking the valley.

Picture of rest.

Sometimes it's good to take it all in.

Picture of tent.

We camped on top of the wall.

Picture of tent2.

Find a nice spot and stop for the night.

Picture of wall.

The wall seems to go on forever. You can't see it from space, though.

Picture of relaxing girl.


Picture of Mom.

I went back in the winter with my mom.

Picture of window.

Looking out over the wall.

Picture of tower.

From inside a tower after getting a few inches of snow.

Picture of tower.

Climb to the top... if you dare!

Picture of wall.

The wild wall in winter.

Click for my complete photo set from the Great Wall.

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