Plane Tickets Purchased

I finally bought my plane tickets tonight. I'll be leaving from Chicago on September 28 and arriving in Lima, Peru the following day. Mark your calendars.

Another monkey is off my back. Only three more to go: moving out of my apartment, finishing work, and making sure the rest of my miscellaneous things (money, gear, destination plans, etc) are in order. It's a little bit scary buying a non-refundable ticket for over a month from now where I'll be gone for at least a year, but what's done is done, and this is happening for real. Now I can spend another sleepless night thinking about my trip.

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4 thoughts on “Plane Tickets Purchased

  1. Dan Perry

    Sure... It's just a hop, skip, and a jump compared to how far I'm going. Too bad they haven't invented that Star Wars hologram stuff or that Star Trek beaming stuff yet.

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