Cleaning Sucks

My parents came out to Rochester to help me move all of my stuff out of my apartment over the weekend. Other than my TV falling off the flatbed cart and probably breaking, everything went fine. The last few nights, I've been sleeping on my floor with no entertainment besides the Internet and a small alarm clock radio to keep me company. The lack of stuff to do is a good thing, though, because I need to do some serious cleaning.

I admit, I'm not a very clean person. I've only lived in this apartment for a year, yet it has already become fairly dirty. In fact, I have a friend who was so appalled by the mere sight of my bathroom that she made it her personal mission to return and clean it to her high standards. She did a great job, but there was still a lot more left for me to do. I'm not a big fan of dusting or vacuuming, but I do understand that it's common courtesy to leave a residence neat and clean for the next occupants. Unfortunately, I found out this weekend that I don't live in just any apartment complex.

Besides the normal stuff I would clean before moving out, my roommate and I were given a huge checklist of things that will be inspected with a white glove upon our departure. Who in their right mind is going to clean the tops of their kitchen cupboards, the inside of their fuse box, or the outside of their screen windows? Yet these were all requirements given to us if we wanted to get our security deposit back. To make matters worse, after talking with some of the employees at this apartment complex, it seems that nobody gets out of here without being charged for some ridiculous cleaning that nobody cares about. I guess we'll see about that. My roommate can be a real tough negotiator, and I think he's going to fight any bullshit charges with the apartment manager to the end, simply based on principal. I can't wait until I have to show up at court for our $30 lawsuit. Well, that's enough ranting for now; I need to get back to washing the insides of my smoke detectors.

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5 thoughts on “Cleaning Sucks

  1. Tammy

    Yes, when I moved out it was the same way it sucked but I got my whole deposit back. I cleaned and whipped everything but at the last moments I said forget about it and it is good enough. It was not that clean when I moved in and so why do it. I think I would not move into another place like that but I have a feeling that I did here in AZ. Happy Cleaning Dan!

  2. Dan Perry

    For those of you who don't know her, Tammy used to live in the same complex as me. Thanks Tammy, at least now I'm reassured that I can get my deposit back, but don't you think that whipping everything in your apartment would make it resemble an S & M chamber? Maybe I'm just not up on the current trends in apartment decor.

  3. Andrea

    I must not be in my right mind, because I cleaned the top of my cupboards when I moved out. Although that probably doesn't surprise you. The apartment manager even wrote a comment with my security deposit about how clean I left it. I see now I should have helped you more, Sorry!! Thanks for the props.

  4. Jim

    I've always gotten my full deposite back.... marriage has it's perks :-) Besides, the goal shouldn't be to just get your full deposite back... it should be to get the full deposite back while still leaving something relatively inconsequential that the landlord will not find... but will cause them a small amount of pain later when they find it. Something like taking a wire off of a couple outlets and attaching a note saying "Payback for making me clean the screens and above the cupboards!!" An outlet where the TV normally goes would work quite nicely. Enjoy....

  5. Tammy

    Yes Dan I thought the list was stupid but I did it. I had a few choice words when I opened it and got my sister Pam that is a clean freak to help me. She did most of it so that was nice of her. Maybe you could get the frisbee guys to help out. That would be fun to see.

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