Gear Update

On Saturday, I went to REI with my friend Urrv to get some supplies for my trip. I originally went with the intention of getting a backpack, but that didn't work out as planned. I was looking for a large front-loader for two reasons: 1. The ability to lock the zipper would give added security compared with my current top-loader, which doesn't have a zipper for the main compartment, and 2. Being able to load the backpack from the front would allow me to deposit and withdraw my daypack with ease. The store had lots of top-loading backpacks that were very large, but the only front-loaders they had were smaller, and they all came with a small detachable daypack, which I didn't want because I already had a secure daypack. My only two choices were to get something similar to what I already had, or to get something that would be way too small for my trip, so I didn't get a new backpack. I guess I was just being to demanding. However, I did get a new sleeping bag and mat, so the trip was not a complete waste.

I think I now have most of the gear I will need for my trip, other than some clothes. I'm going to try to live out of my backpack, including taking some hikes with it, for a few days before I leave to find out for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Gear Update

  1. Jeff S

    Hey, you didn't mention the fancy underwear that you bought at REI. $48 for two pair of undies! They were nice though. Thanks for letting me and Kim touch your underwear. I bet that was the highlight of your last night in Rochester. :)

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