Many Goodbyes

My last day of work was very easy. I just had to cancel all of my accounts, sign some papers, and shake a few hands. I was done by 10:00 AM. My area had a picnic afterwards where I got to play some kickball and disc golf, and watch a bunch of *insert adjective here* co-workers tough it out in a game of tug of war . The picnic was a good event to have on my last day because I got to relax and say goodbye to everybody I worked with.

On Saturday, my softball team had its annual party. We ate some good food, drank a few beers, and had some good laughs. I have been told that I can come back and play with them again if I want. Maybe the offer was given because I haven't missed a game or practice in five years. I sure know it's not due to my stellar hitting.

The last few days have been spent saying goodbye to my friends. I still have two weeks before I leave, but having lived in two different states doesn't afford me the ability to have one big going-away party. I'm now back in Wisconsin trying to get everything in order for my trip and visit with the rest of my friends and family before I leave. There will be many more goodbyes in the days to come.

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