One More Day

I'm down to one more day of work. All I have left to do is turn in my badge and computers, then I'm free to go. However, we do coincidentally have a picnic tomorrow afternoon for my area, so it will be a good opportunity to say goodbye to everyone at work one last time.

I told myself all day that I would have to write a blog entry tonight so I could look back many years from now and remember what it felt like to have to take only one more ride on the corporate train. However, now that I'm actually living that moment, I don't know what to say. Maybe it hasn't quite sunk in yet that this is it. Maybe I've been too busy to take time to think about what I've done. Maybe I'm just mentally suppressing the horrible decision I have made. But now that I'm setting my alarm clock for the last time, I don't really feel anything.

I guess I should think about what not working means. No more struggling for half and hour every day just to make it out of bed. No more worrying about whether I'll finish my project du jour on time. No more trying to keep up in the corporate rat race. No more shitty cafeteria food available at ungodly prices. No more regular paychecks. No more being able to saunter down the hall to ask a friend for advice. No more knowing where I'm going to sleep tonight. No more getting paid to accumulate ridiculous amounts of knowledge about computers. And, probably no more being able to discuss The Simpsons with just about anyone I run into.

Of course there are good and bad things about having a job, but either way, life goes on. A year from now, I have no idea if I'll be back in the corporate world, traveling around the world, or sitting in a prison camp wondering why I didn't take the blue pill. I don't know what my future holds, and that's OK. So, how do I feel on the eve of my last day of work? I feel fine.

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One thought on “One More Day

  1. Tammy

    Way to go. I wish it was my last day of work. I think you are making the right choice and well do great. In a year you will look back at this and say why didn't i do this early then i did. can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories. Best of luck and take care :o)

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