Rest In Arequipa

October 15, 2005
Day 17

This was a day of rest. After another long overnight bus, I arrived in Arequipa at about 9:00 AM. I slept better on this bus than the others, but still not very well. Morad and I found a cheap hostel at about $3 per night, but I'm not very fond of it. It's kind of dirty, there are no electrical outlets in our room, it's not a great place to meet people, and the most annoying thing of all is that in order to leave you need the key, so either both of us have to leave together, or one of us gets stuck here. It is very quiet here at least, so I was able to get a much-needed 6-hour nap today.

This afternoon, I walked around the Plaza de Armas, which is by far the nicest of any city I've been to so far. There was a fire rescue going on, and the entire Plaza was packed with people, as is the case with every city I've seen in Latin America.

Morad and I found a much nicer hostel (at least we hope) for about $.50 more than the one we're currently at, so we'll be moving there tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to see a few sights tomorrow, even though it will be Sunday.

I know this was a short entry, but I think this has been the most relaxing day I've had so far on my trip. So how do you like this blog? Are you able to keep up with it, or is it too long-winded? Is there more you want to know about life on the road? I think everything is going fine for me so far, but maybe I'll make a few changes in the future. Please give me feedback by commenting in this blog.

The photo album for this entry is located here.

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6 thoughts on “Rest In Arequipa

  1. Jolene

    Dan I'm really enjoying your site/ pictures My coworkers even get a peek at those great pictures you take.
    Keep up the good work and Stay safe. You've got more guts then i do thats for sure.
    ENjoy nothing going on here in MN Starting to cool down .
    *not sure if you care or not but Vikings and Greenbay are tied for last place YIPPY they are 1 in 4 *

  2. Kyle Clasen


    I love the site! It is very enjoyable to follow your travels by reading the blog everyday. I don't think it needs any changes. Just keep adding!! Keep having fun!!!.........The Packers suck.......the Vikings suck even more......Go Brewers!!!!!


  3. Mike


    The site is great! Why just moments ago I was saying "Lindsay, he's only paying 5 bucks a night at these hostels" and she goes "hrpmhpf" Well I like it anyways! I particularly enjoyed your statement about the candelabra having been built either by genius'ss's's or idiots who built a million on the chance that one might survive the years. You have amazing perspective! lol

    keep it up


  4. Cindy Macrafic

    Love it! Urvv and I chuckle, and it gives us fun stuff to chat about :) Keep enjoying yourself, and as my kids have started telling me lately, stay safe. Cindy Oh, and the plazas so remind me of Guatemala--the center of town in every village. And the boobies--we visited a bird sanctuary on Kauai and saw tons of boobies--my husband and son loved it/them!

  5. Tim

    Hey Dan! Wow!
    So, I just got caught up with what you've been up to. Took a while but once I started I couldn't help but keep going until I was current. I hope you keep it up. You'll have one heck of a digital travel log to look back on someday.

    Looking forward to your next entries!

  6. Tim

    Oh, I almost forgot...for the "geographically challenged" (such as myself), Google Earth is a great tool to keep up on Dan's travels. It is fun to 'fly' to the places he is writing about.

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