Return to Arequipa

October 19, 2005
Day 21

After getting a good night's sleep, I was able to wake up rather early this morning. Yanque is in the middle of nowhere, so there was no city noise to deal with. Morad and I got breakfast, packed our stuff, and hopped on the bus back to Arequipa at 11:00 AM.

Bus? Did I say bus? Yes. Last night I was so exhausted when we bought our tickets that I forgot about my promise not to ride the bus back to Arequipa. However, this ride was a lot better. I brought my mp3 player, so I didn't have to deal with any screaming babies. I also got to sit in the front row, where there is more leg room. The ride was still bumpy, but not nearly as bad as the ride to the canyon area.

We went back to the same hostel we were staying at, but the only space they had was in the dorm room. There were only four beds in the room, though, so it wasn't too bad, except for the guy next to me who sleeps sixteen hours per day and reads his Harry Potter book the other eight.

Tonight, I found out that Morad has to go back to France due to a family illness. He will probably be able to catch a plane out of town tomorrow. I'm planning on staying in Arequipa for two more nights because I'm so exhausted from my recent travels.

I went to bed early, still tired from the Colca Cañon trip.

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