One More Day in Arequipa

October 21, 2005
Day 23

I had been traveling so fast and doing so many things that I thought I should rest for one day in Arequipa. For the most part, all I did today was chat online with friends and take a walk around the city.

Between my relaxation sessions, I went to the Casa de Moral, a mansion that is almost 300 years old. It has been a school, a seminary, and a place for rich people to live, but now a bank owns it. The house gets its name from the large mulberry tree in the back yard. The rooms in the mansion form the perimeter of the large courtyard. The dining room and bedroom were somewhat interesting, but I don't think it was worth the $1.50 price of admission. The bank better make this house more interesting to visitors or it might get foreclosed.

Later on in the evening, I will ride a night bus to Cusco. A girl told me about a good place to stay at there, so I think I'll try it out.

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2 thoughts on “One More Day in Arequipa

  1. Mike

    Hi Dan,
    what do you use when you chat on-line? I know chances of us being on at the same time are slim but....
    Also I liked the picture of the moon rising over the cathedral so much I decided to remove my scantily clad cartoon girl and put your picture there instead. What an honor for you!


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