Christmas Eve Dinner

December 24, 2005
Day 87

Today, several people from my hostel planned a Christmas Eve Dinner. I walked to the grocery store with Sam and Kim from Alaska, Carolina from France, and Magnus from Sweden to buy supplies. Town was surprisingly busy. There weren't many Christmas decorations anywhere, which combined with the warm weather, really didn't make it feel like Christmas.

Tonight, we ate our dinner: roasted chicken, sausage, olives, salad, deviled eggs, shrimp, sangria, and an ice cream cake for dessert. It was a big feast, and it was nice to hang out with some people from my hostel. Otherwise, not much was going on today. I figured Christmas Eve and Day would be lost causes to attempt to do anything productive anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Dinner

  1. Rohit

    Looking for more details on Christmas there? How does it compare to here(US)?

    Did had time to listen to TV or radio? Differences?

    How much people are involved in politics?

    How much releigion is in Politics? (i.e. stuff like evolution vs. Intelligent Design etc)

    What one thing you wish you had brought from US?

    What things you should not have brought?

    Got your postcard, Very Nice, Thank You. (Gracias I guess). I am really impressed with Chille, I really want to visit Chille, may be spend some time (month or so there). :-). I still think you will like to live in South Florida, it has very heavy influence of south america.

  2. Dan Perry Post author

    Hi Rohit, good questions. I'll get to them soon I promise. Times have been very busy the last few days, so I don't see too many blog updates before New Year's. I think I'll have to take a few days off somewhere near here and just relax and write. Traveling is a lot of work, believe it or not.

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