Merry Christmas

December 25, 2005
Day 88

Seeing that it was Christmas, not much was going on today. A few restaurants were open, but pretty much everything else was closed. I didn't have much to do, so I took a walk along the beach to the other side of town. A few people were fishing and swimming, but the town was understandably dead all day.

Late in the afternoon, a lot of people at my hostel started cooking elaborate meals for Christmas. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, and ended up being the beneficiary of several rounds of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed vegetables, and even a bit of cake for dessert.

To end the day, Sam, Kim, and I took a walk to just about the only place in town that was in full operation on Christmas: the casino. Lots of people with dreary looks on their faces were gambling the night away. I played a round of blackjack and drank a few beers there just so I could say that I drank and gambled on Christmas. It was a very quiet day for me overall. I know you're dying to learn more, so I'll describe the local traditions that were performed in my next Questions Answered session.

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you're having fun spending time with your loved ones.

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Urrv

    Wow! I take a few weeks of vacation and it looks like I have a couple of months of reading and picture viewing ahead of me.

    Happy New Year!
    Urrv, Katie, and Bella

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