AtW Podcast, Episode 24: Liam DelMain

Picture of Liam and Dan.

Liam and Dan in Shaxi's market square.

My guest for this episode is Liam DelMain. I met Liam at the Horse Pen 46 Hostel in Shaxi (沙溪), Yunnan Province, China. He calls Minnesota home, though when he was still a toddler, he lived in Beijing for two years with his family. He has returned to China almost every summer since. Having been raised between two different cultures, Liam has a lot of insight into these disparate worlds.

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Liam writes about his experiences in his blog DelMain Muses. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Show notes:

  • Liam talked extensively about Concordia Language Villages. Here's their website.
  • Gerald Ford died on December 26, 2006. Saddam Hussein died four days later, while I was in Apoera, Suriname, examining a nice patch of bamboo.
  • According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, the name “Wadi Rum” most likely is Aramaic for “high valley”, though it's also called the “Valley of the Moon”.
  • One of the organizations for finding work all around the world that Liam talked about was Workaway.
  • And here's a link to WWOOFing, a way to travel the world and learn how to grow organic food.
  • Here's how pineapples grow.
  • I mentioned Chris Farley's El Nino bit. You're welcome:

Here are some photos from Shaxi:

Picture of building.

The main market square.

Picture of temple in Shaxi, China.

The town's temple.

Picture of dinner.

The Horse Pen 46 hostel holds nightly group dinners.

And here are a few other photos of the places we talked about:

Picture of Salt Hotel in Uyuni, Bolivia.

The Salt Hotel in Bolvia.

Picture of ice park.

Harbin, China's ice park.

Picture of ice bar.

The ice bar, along Lake Superior's north shore.

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