Around the World Podcast #27: Carol Woo

Picture of Dan and Carol.

Carol shows off her hippie beret; I show off my new roll of duct tape.

My guest for this episode is Carol Woo (胡宝娟). She grew up in both Guangdong province (China) and Hong Kong. She's quite artistic – she organizes theater performances for international audiences. For now, she's helping to run the Horse Pen 46 hostel in Shaxi, Yunnan Province, which is where I met her. We had a fun and lighthearted conversation in the hostel's coffee shop.

Ready for my conversation with Carol? Here you go:

Carol is part owner of the Horse Pen 46 Hostel in Shaxi, China. This rates as one of my all-time favorite hostels. I guess it should, considering that I stayed there for nearly a month.

You can also find Carol on Facebook and Wechat (ID = carolwpo)

* * *

Show notes:

  • I found a cool website dedicated to Chinese Shadow Puppetry. Here's one of their videos:

    Traditional Chinese Shadow Puppet Performance, Bazhong, China from Annie Rollins on Vimeo.

  • I mentioned the book Touching the Void by Joe Simpson. It is available on Amazon.
  • Nitrogen narcosis happens when you breath pressurized nitrogen (for example, while scuba diving), usually at depths of over 30 meters. It makes you feel drunk, and maybe a little happy.
  • I briefly mentioned China's massive ghost cities. These cities are jaw-dropping, especially when you see them in real life. For more information, the book Ghost Cities of China by Wade Shepard is worth checking out.
  • Many aboriginal groups in Australia identify six (or more) seasons. Here's some more information from trusty Wikipedia.
  • Added to my list of places to visit: Rui Li (瑞丽), a small Chinese town on the border with Myanmar, and Shishuangbanna (西双版纳), another Chinese town near the border with Laos.

And now, for some photo fun:

Picture of Marley, a giant dog in Shaxi China.

Marley, the hostel's guardian dog.

Picture of a Tibetan dog in Shaxi, China.

Luoxi the Tibetan dog.

Picture of rocks near Shaxi, China.

Interesting rock formations near Shaxi.

Picture of the view from a hike near Shaxi, China.

Hiking up the rocks.

Picture of tractor in Guanxi, China.

Here's one of the trucks we talked about. Watch your hands!

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