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2016, What the Year! Part VI: China and Korea

Katie and I headed out with several friends to Panjin, to check out the “Red Beach.” Suaeda Salsa is an algae that thrives in highly alkaline soil, such as that found in parts of northeastern China. The algae is green for most of the year, but for around a month in the fall, it turns a Martian red. Around the same time, the tourists arrive in droves, including us. To explore the area, we rented 3-person bikes, which were a lot of fun but not very fast. (Wouldn't you think they'd be three times faster than a normal bike?) We spent the afternoon avoiding the throngs of Chinese tourists who were rolling up in buses, and checking out the beautiful landscapes.

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AtW Podcast, Episode 23: Jun in Shangri-la

In this episode, I talk with Jun, owner of the Tavern 47 Hostel in Shangri-la, China. Jun's story is very interesting. He grew up in Seoul, South Korea and was a real go-getter. As a young adult, he was making a handsome salary and living the high life. How did Jun transition from a fast lifestyle in a big city to running a youth hostel in a remote town? Listen to our conversation to find out.

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AtW Podcast, Episode 19: Monica Tooki

My guest for this episode is Monica Tooki. We talked about her upbringing in two very different worlds – Singapore and Mississippi. We also discussed the Peace Corps and her time living in Kiribati. Monica is an experienced traveler and an expat, with lots of good stories to tell.

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