Sri Lanka in Review -
In this episode, Katie and I sat on the roof of our hotel in Negombo and discussed our month in Sri Lanka.
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Tattoo Witness: What Do You Ink? -
Ruwan Perera hosted Katie and me at his home near Colombo, Sri Lanka. While we were there, Ruwan was also hosting a couple of tattoo artists from Ukraine. They asked Ruwan if he would like a tattoo in exchange for hosting them, and he said yes. In our podcast, Ruwan discusses getting his first tattoo, as well as some of the history of his country, and the importance of Couchsurfing and similar networks in this age of modern travel.
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AI and Sunburn with Ondrej and Nina -
I met Ondrej and Nina at a guesthouse near the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. They both have become obsessed with surfing, so that factored into a large part of our discussion. And, I must admit, the beach we were staying on was perfect for beginner surfers. If only we could avoid the sunburn, we might still be there.
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AtW #72: Chris Hunter -
I met Chris Hunter in a hostel dorm room in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Chris has lived in Berlin for most of his life, though he also spent five years in India and several years in San Francisco during his youth. Needless to say, he's an experienced traveler, full of knowledge. We discussed some of the places he knows well, and some of the ways in which travel has changed during his life.
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Philippines in Review -
In this episode, Katie and I talk about our six weeks (or so) in the Philippines, with a bonus of traveling to Bangkok for a job fair.
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AtW #70: Patrick Robert Scott -
Last week at a job fair in Bangkok, Thailand, I met a number of interesting characters. Among them was Patrick Robert Scott, a travel writer who is journeying across southeast Asia for the first time. We talked about his recent adventures, as well as some interesting experiences in other parts of the world.
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An Introduction to Freediving -
Jerome Hulin and I met in the small town of Jagna, on Bohol Island in the Philippines. He's a world traveler and a freediving instructor. I knew next-to-nothing about his underwater passion when I met him. He was gracious enough to sit down with me and talk about the sport of freediving in great detail. Whether you're an avid freediver or simply interested in learning more, buckle up and get ready for a great podcast.
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Bicycling Around Taiwan -
On this episode, my wife Katie and I talk about our time bicycling in Taiwan. We go over all of the highs and lows of our trip, as well as the unique cultural aspects we discovered on this small island.
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Random Thoughts with David Shand -
My guest for today is David Shand, from South Africa. We met in his adopted home of Chishang, Taiwan and chatted ceaselessly about random topics for two days. This podcast contains a snippet of those conversations.
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Bicycling Around Japan, Part 2 -
On this episode, my wife Katie and I continue our talk about bicycling in Japan. We give you all of the ups and downs of our trip.
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