Random Thoughts with David Shand -
My guest for today is David Shand, from South Africa. We met in his adopted home of Chishang, Taiwan and chatted ceaselessly about random topics for two days. This podcast contains a snippet of those conversations.
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Bicycling Around Japan, Part 2 -
On this episode, my wife Katie and I continue our talk about bicycling in Japan. We give you all of the ups and downs of our trip.
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A Pilgrimage Around Shikoku -
I met Philippe Hanin on a ferry from Osaka, Japan to Shanghai, China. He recently finished a nearly two-month pilgrimage, during which he walked to all 88 of Shikoku's temples that are associated with the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi. Also, my next book, 1000 Days Between, Part 2 will be available on December 8. Get ready!
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Bicycling Around Japan -
On this episode, my wife Katie and I talk about our journey thus far bicycling around Japan. We give you all of the highs and lows of our trip.
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Around the World #63: Ross and Theresa -
My guests today are Ross and Theresa. They met several years ago in Beijing, China. They fell in love, traveled the world for two and a half years, got married, and had two kids. Pretty much in that order. During the show we discussed all of this, as well as their love of yoga, and the "Yoganda" project, which teaches widowed women in Uganda to make yoga mat bags.
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Welcome to China -
I met up with Brittany Dunn at a French bakery in Beijing, China. She told me the craziest "welcome to China" story I've ever heard, and it was coordinated to some soothing, serendipitous music.
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Around the World #61: Alice Chen (陈希) -
Greetings from Beijing! Katie and I have spent a whirlwind week visiting our old stomping grounds. We caught up with many old friends and met a few new ones. Case in point: Alice Chen ( 陈希).
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Strolling Through the Gobi Desert -
I spent the last week touring the Gobi desert with three other backpackers, my wife Katie and a driver named Balgay. One of those three other backpackers was Ruby Tsai, from Taiwan. We climbed to the top of a sand dune, watching the sun go down over this marvelous land, and recorded a podcast. She's currently on her way to England, via the Trans-Siberian railroad. We talked about her trip, and she gave me some great tips for visiting Myanmar, as well as her native Taiwan.
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Nomadic Life in Mongolia -
My guest this week is Tsenddavaa Nasanjargal, AKA Davaa. She and her husband own an amazing guesthouse called the Mongol Ujin Tourist Camp in the village of Khatgal, Mongolia. Davaa is passionate about the nomadic lifestyle that is still so prevalent in Mongolia, and she was generous enough to talk about it with me on the show.
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Russia in Review -
Here it is, my last podcast about Russia! I talk about our final week in the country, then Katie joins me to discuss the good, bad and simply interesting facets of our journey.
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