A small, jungly country.

A Walk Around Paramaribo

January 12, 2007
Day 471

This being my last day in Suriname, I decided it was time I took a stroll around the capitol. Near my hotel is the only place in the world where you can see a mosque right next to a synagogue. On the other side of town… Read More »

Catch Up Time

January 11, 2007
Day 470

We had to get up at 4:00 to walk into Brownsweg and get the 6:00 bus back to Paramaribo today. I was pretty exhausted once I got back into town, so I spent most of the day sleeping and attempting to catch up on my blog.

Walking Back to Brownsweg

January 10, 2007
Day 469

This morning we did the last walk available, the one to Kumbo Falls. It was another easy, pleasant walk through the jungle, and we even met a few other tourists on the way up. Later, we packed up and headed back down the road towards Brownsweg. We didn't think… Read More »

More Daywalks at Brownsberg

January 9, 2007
Day 468

This morning we did the most difficult walk of all to Witi Creek. The path went down 450 meters along a ridge to the bottom of the plateau and ended at the creek, which had a nice, clear pool in which to swim. The walk back… Read More »

Walking to Waterfalls

January 8, 2007
Day 467

We got up at sunrise from our nice little campsite and made the short walk to the reception desk. The lady told us that we'd be staying in a baboon, which I thought was illegal in this country. Then she informed us that "baboon" was just the name for… Read More »

A Maroon Village

January 7, 2007
Day 466

Craig, Yohan, and I walked to the city's main market to buy food for our upcoming trip at about 11:00 this morning. We were surprised to see that it was closed because it was a Sunday. Normally in South America, even next door in Georgetown, Sundays are the most… Read More »

Planning for Brownsberg

January 6, 2007
Day 465

Craig, Yohan, and I met up at the government-run Stinasuu office in Paramaribo today. Getting decent information was like pulling teeth, but eventually we found out that we could book hammock space at the Brownsberg Nature Reserve instead of staying at the expensive lodge. We'll have to walk to… Read More »

Finally in Paramaribo

January 5, 2007
Day 464

I got up on the boat this morning at about 5:00 to find out when the first bus would be leaving for Paramaribo. I got lucky to get Craig and I tickets for the 6:00 bus, and a few hours later, we finally entered the capitol city. So it… Read More »

Parbo Doesn't Exist

January 4, 2007
Day 463

The Washabo boat left at 9:00 this morning, only one hour after the already-delayed designated departure time. This time it wasn't so full, and it only swayed a minimum amount. Both outboard engines that were powering the boat cut out nonstop. At one point, neither engine was working, and… Read More »

More Delays

January 3, 2007
Day 462

We were told that the Washabo boat (the narrow, overloaded, tipsy boat we came in on) would be leaving at 3:00 this afternoon. However, it rained the entire day, and when the time came for the boat to leave, the driver told me that he couldn't risk going down… Read More »